Enterprise Networking

Accelerated Concepts, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise wireless cellular network data hardware and services. We specialize in the development of solutions for primary network access, wireless 3G and 4G/LTE backup connectivity, device monitoring, and centralized management. We also provide industry leading Linux based OEM platforms services from hardware design to complete solutions including management, inventory, and configuration.


Enterprise Cloud Management

Accelerated View™ provides customers with a powerful on-line set of tools for monitoring, reporting, alerting, inventory, and remote control of the Accelerated LTE Routers. The system gives customers visibility to their network allowing the identification of issues before they become business impacting. In addition, the full suite of tools and reporting can dramatically reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot and correct business impacting issues.


6300 CX-LTE Embedded Router

$345.00 (with new activation)

Includes 6300 CX-LTE Embedded Router and Free 30-day Engineering

3-Year Accelerated View Cloud Management only $40 per unit!

6300 LX USB Router

Bundled Offer:   $285.00 (with new activation)
Includes 6300 LX USB Router, Sierra 340U Aircard, Free 30-day Engineering Support.

3-Year Accelerated View Cloud Management only $40 per unit!

Antenna Performance: The embedded CX offers two high performance external antennas. The CX typically maintains a stronger (and cleaner) wireless signal vs. the USB Air Card antenna.

Easy Installation: The CX is easier to setup – just plug in a SIM without worrying about an Air Card.

Multi-Carrier support: In order to support multiple carriers the LX requires the acquisition of a specific air card for each carrier (this can lead to multiple truck rolls per site if the preferred carrier does not offer coverage). The CX offers multi-carrier support by simply swapping out SIM cards with two models:
Support for all 4G networks (LTE) for North America including 3G fallback (slightly higher cost)
Support for all 4G networks without EV-DO (3G) fallback for Verizon/Sprint (HSPA+ is supported)

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