Why Rugged Android

A rugged smartphone is the choice for those that need a device for use in harsh environments.  For those in construction, oil & gas, landscaping or even the “explorer,” ruggedized smartphone models meet military testing standards for protection against shock, water, dust, extreme temperatures, and vibration.  The devices shown below are also Android, which allows T-Mobile customers to download and utilize a Push To Talk application.


CAT S40 Rugged Android

Dust-proof, drop-proof, waterproof and scratch-resistant, the rugged Android Lollipop S40 is the perfect phone for anyone who works in a tough environment or enjoys a rugged lifestyle. IP68 and MIL-SPEC 810g, with glove-on working technology and wet-finger tracking technology, super bright display and enhanced audio this is rugged meeting refined.

Best yet...the S40 supports T-Mobile’s Band 12!

$300.00 with new activation
$359.00 equipment only sale


Sonim XP7  Extreme Rugged

The Sonim XP7 is an essential component of Sonim’s Mission Critical Solution. This ultra- rugged, LTE/WiFi/Android smartphone is outfitted with features such as a touch screen that can be viewed in direct sunlight as well as a numeric keypad that can be easily used with gloves. An extra loud speaker, noise cancellation, powerful battery, resistance to drops and water and a 3-Year comprehensive warranty are just some features of the XP7 that provide peace of mind to enterprises and workers alike.

$500.00 with new activation
$559.00 equipment only sale


ANHS   Affordable Rugged

This affordable Android 5.1 Lollipop ™ rugged device by American Network Solutions supports Dual SIM and is IP68 rated @1.2m/30min compliance.  With its 4.5” IPS Corning Gorilla Glass with wet touch display, 5.0 megapixel rear camera, and 8GB storage, G-Sensor and proximity sensor…this device packs a nice punch for those needing a bit of rugged with a lot of functionality.  Note:  This device does NOT have a dedicated or programmable Push-To-Talk external key.

$75.00 with new activation
$105.00 equipment only sale

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